Week one celebration

We just finished up week one back to school and I have to celebrate. (Our school schedule fits around hubby’s work schedule so we’re Sun-Thursday learners here with Friday and Saturday as our weekends.)  So far so good for us, the kids jumped right back in with little need for review of last year’s materials which I consider a BIG win!

Celebrate! A Street Party: Lilo by Carlos

I tried to move to a digital schedule and lesson plan this year but just couldn’t find one that fit so I’m sticking with the good old pen and paper plans. I might have to try again next year when a few more choices are available. Here are the ones I tried if anyone else would like to give them a go:

I loved the Well Planned Day software but at $65 dollars a year that was a bit out of our budget range. If it was $65 dollars to purchase the software and then free to use forever I would definitely consider it. It was the one that fit my current plan and was super easy for me to use. My only problem was that the calendar took forever to load and in the lesson plans dates would be off and I would have to go in and manually change them on occasion. I could see myself not paying attention to the dates and getting easily off track. In the end I just couldn’t live with the slow calendar as it’s something that I would use many many times throughout the day/week. If they do a few bug fixes it’s one I would try again down the road.

All in all it was a successful week. We’re off to celebrate =) Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!